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HP Pavilion DV6-1280US 16-Inch Entertainment Laptop

HP Pavilion DV6-1280US 16-Inch Entertainment Laptop

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BuZZ from Customer Shopping

Excellent notebook5
My wife and I purchased this laptop for her mother and I have been very impressed with the features and build quality. It is well constructed with a metallic toned black plastic exterior. Take a good look at the shell art since it is something that may not appeal to everyone but my mother-in-law definitely appreciated having something a little more individual than the usual dull grey exterior. Despite the glossy exterior we haven't noticed much in the way of finger prints or any scratches despite the helping hands of our kids who love to "help" grandma with her computer.

The specs for this model are set well above what the average home owner needs today which (in my mind) future proofs it nicely. If you are on a tight budget you can get what you need for less (look at the HP Pavilion G60 line). If you have a little bit more to spend and you want some headroom to handle your computing needs for the next few years this is a great choice.

CPU - The dual core Turion is a solid notebook processor. It can handle two threads which means you can have the virus scanner running while you surf the web with no noticeable slowdown. No it's not the most aggressive notebook CPU out there but it's a solid mid-tier processor that runs cool and has a great power envelope. Outside of gaming CPUs are not the performance bottleneck in notebooks so most users should aim for a mid-tier CPU and spend their budget on things that will get them more tangible enjoyment (like a nice display and good graphics).

RAM - The 64 bit Windows can utilize more RAM than the old 32 Windows so why not through a lot of memory at it? It's cheap and a better path to improved performance for the average notebook user than more CPU horsepower. 6 GB of RAM might seem like overkill but this is one area where too much now = enough later.

HDD - 500GB plenty is far more space than you need now but again, I like the future proofing. Some people may not like that it is 5400 RPM vs. 7200 RPM but the performance difference is nearly zero thanks to the 6GB of RAM and the reliability of 5400 RPM drives makes me prefer them in notebooks which are hard on hard disks (because they move around while in use notebook HDDs suffer far more failures than desktop drives)

Graphics - The integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 is vastly superior to the usual low-end graphics that plague notebooks. You can actually do a little gaming on this notebook which is a truly rare thing.

Display - HP has a reputation for high-end displays and this one delivers. Tuned slightly for indoor use the HP Brightview display is good enough for outdoor use though not as much as a more matte display. Indoors it is brilliant with surprisingly strong blacks (too many notebook displays are all brightness with no depth). I like that the 16" wide screen provides a decent amount of vertical space without overdoing it. The difference between this and a 14"-15" is surprising.

Sound - Surprisingly good sound for a notebook. The speakers are well positioned and deliver a good range. I've heard better but it was on a $3K notebook.

Battery - For years the retail notebook market has been plagued with cheap six cell and even four cell batteries that could barely deliver 90 minutes of real computing use. To see HP bundle a 12 cell Li-Ion battery in with this notebook is hopefully a sign the industry is recognizing the note users want good battery life. With a 12 cell battery you can realistically plan to go all day without plugging in. This does add slightly to the weight but few users will notice.

I don't have any serious "cons" for this computer. The "Touch Media Controls" for things like the volume (as opposed to buttons you push) are a little odd at first but we got used to them quickly and hey, they look cool when they light up.

To wrap it all up: you can always buy more features for more money but if you are looking for a laptop with some higher-end features and upscale build quality this is an excellent choice. HP spent money in the right places and has created a high-end laptop at a mid-tier price.

the one guy sums it up its the best for the money...the only i disagree with is this is one of THE BEST processors on the laptop spectrum on the market right now...and a little gaming....NO WAY i bought this thing to play games (i have a number crunching INTEL HP laptop for school) Im running Americas Army two in full graphics and Americas Army 3 on this system and my fav game Battlefield 2142 in full graphics, i can play halo 2 a guitar hero on this machine while itunes is running Battlefield 2 RUNS IN FULL GRAPHICS!!! :) rainbowsix vegas and vegas 2...grand theft auto 4 thats just some of the games i play and they run awesome on this machine...the battery life isnt the greatest but for a gaming laptop it has really long battery life....its not made to take to a meeting or to school (although its built REALLY well) if you want to do that i suggest an older HP Nc6230 with the extended battery and no joke i actually get 4 hours of battery out of that if you want a multi media POWER HOUSE and you don't want a homo iMac then this BEAST is the way to go

About HP Pavilion DV6-1280US 16-Inch Entertainment Laptop detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #83 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Hewlett-Packard
  • Model: NV138UA#ABA
  • Dimensions: 1.61" h x 10.15" w x 14.90" l, 6.47 pounds
  • CPU: AMD Turion 64 2.4 Hz
  • Memory: 6000MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 500GB
  • Processors: 2
  • Display size: 16


  • AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-87 Dual-Core Mobile Processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 with up to 1 GB dedicated memory
  • 6 GB DDR2 RAM (2 Dimm) (8 GB Max)
  • 500GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive (SATA), SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with LightScribe and Double Layer Support
  • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition with Service Pack 1
  • 16 inch Diagonal High Definition HP LED BrightView Display (1366x768)

HP Pavilion DV6-1280US 16-Inch Entertainment Laptop Description

UNSURPASSED STYLE: Expanding on the sophisticated elegance of the current line, the new dv series is defined by fluid, modern lines and metalized finishes with surprising innovations inside and out. High-gloss HP Imprint finish now encases all surfaces visible during normal use for greater durability. The dv6 series Imprint pattern provides contrast to the liquid appearance of the metallic finish. The streamlined look is enhanced with a color-matched keyboard and touchpad. And touch media controls light up and become visible only when the system is powered on further enhancing the clean appearance and helping illuminate the 16:9 widescreen. HP¿s mobile products have won coveted International Red Dot, iF and CES Innovation design awards and been recognized by other leading design institutions. MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT: Providing more choices than ever, HP MediaSmart enables access to DVDs, videos, photos, music, and Internet TV at the touch of a button. Get access to watch the best video clips from Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV. Built-in demos show you how to add music to your slide shows or videos with drag-and-drop functionality ¿ and much more. An HDMI port enables you to watch films on an HD TV. Muvee Reveal makes creating films complete with effects and transitions a snap! Enjoy full screen viewing with the 16:9 aspect ratio. Extras include dual headphone jacks and an HP Mobile Remote Control. What's in the box: dv6-1280us laptop, 90W AC Adapter, 12-Cell Lithium-Ion battery, Symantec Norton Internet Security 2009 with 60 days complimentary live update, Microsoft Works, HP MediaSmart. Muvee Reveal, Cyberlink DVD Suite, Adobe Acrobat Reader and HP Games Powered by Wild Tangent

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