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Toshiba Satellite L515-S4925 14.0-Inch Laptop - Black/Grey

Toshiba Satellite L515-S4925 14.0-Inch Laptop - Black/Grey

Have a nice time i find Toshiba Satellite L515-S4925 14.0-Inch Laptop - Black/Grey from amazon and I read about that ,I think that wonderfull.

BuZZ from Customer Shopping

Great display, not so great battery4
The Toshiba L515-S4925 is part of Toshiba's main consumer line: the L500 series of laptops. This version is the thin-and-light entry. It's a very good laptop for someone who values good video quality (where this model excels) above battery life (where it lags behind).

A good friend bought this model and had me come over to uninstall the junk software (it was no worse than the typical bloatware found on retail notebook computers) and get it setup on his home network. Overall I liked this model but it has rather strong pluses and minuses. This is a pretty competitive market segment and I think Toshiba took a risk that will appeal to the right buyer: cut back on some less valued features and deliver a very high quality display. It's aimed pretty squarely and HP's very popular DV4 line of 14" laptops and I think it competes well on most levels and (on Amazon at least) is priced about $150 less (depending on the exact DV4 model you compare it against).

Here a quick break down of the features:

CPU: Intel Pentium T4200 2.1 GHz (my friend's came with the T4300 which is just slightly better). This is a decent dual core CPU for home use and it's pretty typical for laptops in this price range. It's not for anyone serious about gaming but it will run typical home apps and "light" games with no troubles. Two cores mean your system won't slow to a crawl just because your anti-virus kicks in. While not as powerful at the Core2 line it's still a good CPU for home users.

RAM: 4 GB 800 MHz RAM. This is becoming the new norm and it's nice because this is lot of memory and provide some future proofing. This is plenty for home use.

HDD: 320 GB 5200 RPM. This is more than most home users will need (few exceed 100GB) and the speed is what I recommend for home users because it has a much lower failure rate than faster drives (and it's plenty fast enough for home use).

Graphics chip: Intel 4500HD. This is also pretty typical of notebooks in this price range. It's great for home use (including movie playback) and can run any non-3D game just fine. Older 3D games will run great too. Most new 3D games will run at dramatically reduced settings or not run at all.

Display: 14" 1366x768 resolution (natively supports 720P video playback). This is a very nice display and I don't know of any other laptop in this price range with a screen this nice. It's is much better than the display you will get on the HP DV4-1433 which only comes in at 1280 x 800. It's bright, has brilliant colors and good blacks. Toshiba clearly thought about the most important part of the laptop for most users and stepped it up a notch from the competition. Like most home systems it's glossy which is great indoors but can be hard to read outdoors.

DVD-RW: Has a nice combo DVD-RW drive, which means you can read and write to CD and DVD media. It also has "Labelflash" which lets you use the DVD laser to "burn" blue imagery onto special media that supports it. It's not great looking but it's easier than printing, pealing, and installing labels and looks a lot better than a label written on with a sharpie. I can be slow (up to 20 min for a complex image).

Battery: 6 cell 3700mAh. Here is one of the places Toshiba trimmed money back off. This is a fairly low end 6 cell and I wouldn't expect much more than 2.5 hours of real battery life (you'll get more keeping the screen dim and turning off the wireless but who does that?). A more typical 6 cell batter will come in at 4400mAh and high-end 6 cells will deliver over 5400mAh. For most home users this is fine, they tend to plug in wherever they go. Outside the home this could get old fast.

Ports: Comes with the typical port assortment (USB, eSata, RJ-45 Lan, RJ-11 modem, VGA) except for one important one - DVI. The lack of a DVI (or HDMI) port means you will get degraded video when outputting to an external LCD monitor (because instead of a direct digital connection the video has be converted to analog sent out from the laptop and re-converted to digital by the monitor). As a result I would not recommend this model to anyone who wants to hook it up to an external display. I should not that some other L500 models do have HDMI ports

Control layout: I found the control layout to be good but not earth shattering. The picture on Amazon doesn't show the front very well so let me describe it in detail: There are lights for the wireless, AC, on/off, battery, HDD activity and the media adapter. The memory card reader is also in the front but it only handle the smaller media like SD cards to make certain your digital camera media is supported (for example no compact flash support). Here's the list: Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, Mini SD Card, Micro SD Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO. The volume control is also here (which is a little odd because the other controls are on the keyboard up by the display). On the sides are the usual USB, VGA, LAN, etc... Above the keyboard you will find the media controls, the on/off switch, and above the screen is the usual webcam and microphone.

Wireless: Supports older wireless specs "B" and "G" along with the newer "N" standard. You shouldn't have trouble connecting to wireless networks at home or traveling. This model does not support Blue Tooth.

Weight: At 5.02 lbs this feels pretty light and is a typical weight for 14" laptops.

Build quality: This one is always a little subjective but I found the build quality to be very good if a little boring. It's well made but there's not much trim or flash to it. There's a good side to boring: less stuff to break or scratch, and it lets Toshiba get that great display in this price range.

For the price anyone looking for a smaller and lighter laptop with a great display should be very happy here. As mentioned before serious gamers, travelers, and people planning on using an external display will probably want to keep shopping.

Linux Laptop5
I set this up with Ubuntu 64-bit and it works like a charm. It didn't have any silly driver issues (as I did with my previous (HP) laptop. It's solid, quiet and doesn't have the myriad of LED's glaring at you that seem to be so popular on other brands (HP). The keyboard has a good feel and spacing and clear (simple, legible). The touchpad buttons are a bit clicky but I only ever use an external mouse anyway.

I play World of Warcraft on it through wine over the wireless network and it works beautifully. Exactly what I wanted !

Toshiba Satellite L515-S49253
This is my third laptop which I like most is the size, the power is not on the side which you do not turn it off easily while you move it around. What I don't like is the sound that I have to add a speaker to make it a little bit louder while watching movies. Anyway, for entertaining, it is the best.

About Toshiba Satellite L515-S4925 14.0-Inch Laptop - Black/Grey detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #21 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Model: PSLF2U-00S00L
  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 13.40" w x 9.13" l, 5.07 pounds
  • CPU: Intel Pentium M 2.1 GHz
  • Memory: 4000MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 320GB
  • Processors: 2
  • Native resolution: 14
  • Display size: 14


  • 2.1GHz Intel Pentium T4200 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive, DVD SuperMulti Drive
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 14" HD TruBrite Widescreen Display

Toshiba Satellite L515-S4925 14.0-Inch Laptop - Black/Grey Description

An affordable portable, the 14-inch Satellite L515 laptop gives you the essential tools for living life on the move, especially if you’re on a budget. Light enough to carry, but powerful enough to keep you going, it’s packed with innovative, eco-smart Toshiba advancementslike a brilliant HD TruBrite widescreen display and built-in Webcam with Face Recognitionto help you manage everyday tasks and have a great multimedia experience most anywhere. Perfect as a first laptop or portable addition for your busy lifestyle, it offers Intel dual-core processing power, great battery life and high-speed connectivity to make you more effective on the go. It’s also encased in a handsome high-gloss Fusion finished case with a Breeze pattern in Graphite Gray.

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