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Ergonomic Computers

Popular axiom says that advent of modern technologies have changed the way we work and live. Evey one says that technology has improved our lives. Let us have a look at this myth. Personally speaking, using my computer has given me backaches, eye problems, wrist-aches and a sore neck.

My doctor says that this is ergonomics problem. He suggest I should change my posture, better still my work station. Is that it?

Understanding computers should be easy. For any user, the main area of concern is usability. And, for computer designers, usability has three commonly recognized components: Functionality to ensure that the computer solves the correct problems, ergonomics - an application of scientific information concerning humans to the design of computers, systems and environment - to guarantee the elimination of physical and psychological problems that may arise from the use of the product, and product's accessible and supportive nature. "That is why the hardware and software manufacturers are going long way to obtain the opinion of consumers," says Dr. Norbert, a researcher.

When discussing human and computer interaction, the focus is on all aspects of the human use of computers to improve the usability of IT systems. The physical design of computer parts affects how a person interacts with the computer. The goal of ergonomics is to optimize the human-machine and human-environment relationships by basically,
fitting the systems to the needs of users. Research is being carried out to improve the design and make computers more ergonomic.