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Why is My Computer Running Slow? Learn How to Speed it Up Today!

You wake up one morning from a rather tiring overtime in your home office; you turn on the PC and went to the kitchen to prep up some coffee. When you got back to your desk, your PC still seems asleep so you went out to fetch the newspaper. You go back to your desk, and you just say to yourself, "Why is my computer running slow?"

You are not alone; so don't fret about it too much. There are so many computers that go through this stage for so many reasons. One of these reasons is a cluttered registry.

The Windows operating system depends on the registry to tune things up with the hardware components and software installations. The registry serves as the cache or database that collects all the information about anything that is attached to the computer, be it hardware or software.

Over time, this cache gets really cluttered and disorganized. When this happens, the OS will have difficulty accessing the necessary files to boot the computer well. You see, at startup, the computer will refer to the registry for all the events that are programmed to occur based on the installations of the user.

If a person decides to uninstall an application, that program is no longer able to run but its tail and so many traces of it are still residing in the registry. If all uninstall procedures fail to pull all their files from the registry for deletion, then the registry will be in such a mess - and the computer will tend to slow down.

When it happened to me it also hit me that the other major factors that make me ask, "Why is my computer is running slow" are the spyware, malware, and viruses, which often come with the programs I installed carelessly.

If you are asking, "Why is my computer running slow?" - you might be in need of a registry cleaner. This program will help you take care of the clutter in the registry and give it a nice, organized space for the next installations.

There are two types of registry cleaners - the stand-alone, or the one, which is part of a utility suite. Any people prefer to use the stand-alone since they think these programs run more efficiently because there are no other unnecessary functions aside from cleaning and clearing. Other users get the utility suites that include sets of tools that are packed together in one interface for so many uses.

The computer's registry can be likened to a brain that is too full of trash or unnecessary information. Often, the person will have senseless thoughts or mental blocks and that affects his overall function as a social being.

"Why is my computer running slow" is a question that can be addressed by making sure that you take care of your personal computer properly. That is part of your responsibility if you want to continue getting the best out of your machine. It is also best to be very careful with whatever you install since all the files that go with the program will sit in the registry and contribute to it's being bloated and dysfunctional.